CrossFit Open 19.1 Recap

Hey y'all!

Happy Monday!

Thanks to all who joined the CrossFit Crew for Friday Night Lights this last Friday. What a blast! We are so stoked that we get to do this four more times! So there's a few things to share with the Open, with the event, and about the next one! Here goes:


Northwest Graphic Works! Thanks so much to NWG for being our sponsor for the first week! Mark (co-owner) is a member of our bike program and is also the producer of our teeshirts and apparel for PSHR, CFHR, Chalk and IBLV. We are stoked to have them be a part of the Open! Congrats to Adrienee, Kelsey, Brytt, and Marlowe for winning the four raffle prizes!

Full Sail Brewing! Thank you so much for all the drink donations! And thanks for being the raffle co-sponsor for the upcoming event this Friday (19.2)!

Paco's Tacos! The tacos were amazing! Thank you so much, to our member, a champion bodybuilder, Paco for taking great care of us post-workout!

CROSSFIT.COM - Want to see where you stack up worldwide? Register with and compete with all your friends around the world!

CROSSFIT HOOD RIVER OFFICIAL - Want to be an official part of the event at CrossFit Hood River? Want the teeshirt and chances at winning raffles and tacos after each workout? There are still four workouts to go! Register with CrossFit Hood River's event!

SUBMIT YOUR SCORES BY 5 PM FOR CROSSFIT.COM6PM FOR CROSSFIT HOOD RIVER OFFICIAL - If you haven't completed 19.1, you have until 5pm today to get it done! You can do this! 15 minutes of rowing and wall balls. Easyyyy :)

LEADERBOARD - Want to see where you stand in the in-house competion? Email back for an invitation to view the leaderboard!

THIS FRIDAY'S EVENT the Open Workout 19.2 -

The festivities and workouts will begin again, this Friday at 4pm and finish when the last person is done, around 6-6:30. Please join us to workout, if it's your 1000th CrossFit workout or your first, all are welcome. Register with us by Friday to get in one the teeshirt order, we are placing orders then! 

Please join as a spectator at no cost, just fun! This week will be even better than last, with some fun stuff coming with music, lights and more!

WINTER STORM - Keep your eyes out for any reduced gym hours this week. We are just watching the weather for now.

Thanks everyone and see you at the gym.

jeri mcmaster