Spring Schedule Changes!

A couple schedule changes to announce, guys!

MWF at 8:30 will now be a “Sweat!” Class

T/Th Schedule is changing to
- 4:30 CrossFit
- 5:30 Sweat!

I know you’ve all been seeing the Sweat programming on SugarWOD.. A brief explanation of Sweat is that it’s designed to make sure you get a really good Sweat! Think bootcamp with no camo! Workouts are usually 30-45 Minutes of continuous movement. We will be listing RX weights and movements below the workout. The goal of these classes is that they are more approachable to all people, we will list the RX stuff below the workout and encourage those who are capable to “Scale Up”.. In this class the goal will be that the written workout is doable for all as written, and you can Scale Up if you’d like, where in CrossFit, we often Scale Down!

The Sweat! programming is not designed to be complimentary to the CrossFit program. In other words, it is it’s own program and we don’t design it to flow with the CrossFit program. CrossFitters and All Access class credits spend the same in Sweat, but the programming is not designed to run smoothly with CrossFit. You can view the workouts on the Sweat! Track on SugarWOD. They’ll be being edited before Monday to be viewed as I explained above.

Our programming has changed since the Open, and the volume is much higher. Please listen to your body and take rest days when needed. You should be taking a bare minimum of two rest days per week. Thursdays and Sundays are typical rest days on a classic CrossFit schedule, just sayin’

Please email jeri@dieselathletics.co with any questions or feedback!

jeri mcmaster